Mr. Wu Changqing graduated from Northeastern University and received a master's degree in EMBA from Northeastern University. After the work has won the county town, advanced workers, advanced tax enterprise leaders, County Youth Federation advanced workers, offshore economic zone ten outstanding youth, Shenyang labor model, Shenyang City 54 medal, the Shenyang municipal Party, Shenyang City, the fourteenth, fifteenth, Sixteenth National People's Congress, the Liaoning provincial labor medal, ten young offshore offshore education director, honorary president of the honorary title of hope primary school.

I am here today to introduce my career experience, let AIKE employees, AIKE customers understand, a co-operative partner, what kind of person is his founder?

I also like you young, there have been 18 years old in high and vigorous spirits. At that time, my crazy love poetry, the India poet Tagore, China poet Xu Zhimo, Gu Cheng, use the money to buy monthly poetry, if to a friend's house to see the book on the walk, then I think I will become a poet. All things are, only high school, I was 18 years old.

Then one day, I had created the AIKE cable many years later, and someone asked me that you were the two generation? I laughed, and I understood why he asked, because I was still young at that time. In 1998, I founded the AIKE cable, which I was 28 years old.

The answer here today is that I'm not the two generation. When I was 19 years old, I entered the smelter of Shenyang cable factory. When I worked as an ordinary worker, I got a work-related injury. My hand was stuck and I had several stitches. Today, the scar is still there. What would you do if it was you? The leader made me go home to rest, and I chose to continue to work. At that time I was reading "how steel is made", in a word, I chose to work. Is such a thing, the first transfer occupation career in my life, I was appointed as the director's correspondent, now called "small". In 1989, at that time just a mobile phone, common in Hongkong only in the movie, I was every day carrying a mobile phone, mobile phone, I still remember: 901005.

After half a year, I was promoted to be the Secretary of the factory director, the director of the Shenyang tourism school, Jin Fumian, and my first leader. After that, I had the chance to meet many rich people. When China was still a million yuan household, I had a pair of Lei Peng glasses, more than 1000 pairs of Italy leather shoes and more than 2000 people around me. Day by day, I still immersed in my literary world every day, feeling full and happy, so happy life for 2 years. During the period, I also studied the analysis of nonferrous metals. The instrument used is the first imported instrument to analyze metal components in China. My teacher is Shenyang smelter Liu Yufeng two years as chief engineer, and two teachers today don't know how the body.

I thought I would be happy to live this way. One day, one day, I felt my parents were very hard, my grandfather was more than 70, but I was still working. Sometimes, people's growth is just a moment. At that moment, I realized my responsibilities. I have responsibilities and obligations to make my family happy. I need to earn money. I need to let my family live in the rich life. The idea of making money suddenly shocked me. Throughout my life, I have been deciding my fate. I began to examine myself and make a decision -- leaving at that time, though this is a job that many people admire and many people compete for.

After leaving, I came to Bo Xilai as the county head of Jinzhou, learning to do business, my boss, Ju, the cable business, is the richest man in the northeast. That was in 1992. I was 22 years old. After working for 7 months, I learned all the knowledge of the cable and learned how to make money with my second teachers. At this time, I chose to leave, my teacher, put forward to help me settle down, solve life event, as long as I stay here to help him to do business. This is my teacher today Dachuan uncle, but at that time, I still resolutely chose to leave, my teacher and pledge, three years without a penny to do business in Jinzhou, then I do, this is my second choice.

About 2 months after I left, I made 40 thousand, that's 1993. My sales volume is equivalent to a factory's sales volume of 70% in that month, and no one else can sell it, so I can easily sell it. In this way, my excellent performance was seen by the leader of the civil works of Shenyang cable factory. I was hired as the manager of their sales office in Dalian. My monthly salary is 20000. Later, I chose his own shop, a small shop, in 5 years became the representative enterprise of Shenyang cable in Dalian.

With this money, I built my own factory, AIKE cable, in 1998.

In the summer of 1998, I was reading a book "Eisenhower". His lover "Kai" always called the general "AIKE". On that day, I founded a cable factory, named AIKE cable. I hope this company is excellent like the five star generals in America.

Shenyang cable factory has been the most brilliant when it is the largest cable factory in Asia, and most of my family is also working in Shenyang cable factory. Therefore, remodeling the past glory of Shenyang cable factory has become a dream of my youth. In 1998, I founded AIKE cable, and all of the technologies of AIKE cable are naturally inherited from the Shenyang cable plant.

2002-2006 years, the country has entered a rapid development period, and the same is the same as AIKE cable. In 2006, the old factory has been unable to meet the needs of enterprise development, so I invested a new factory in Offshore Development Zone, covers an area of 140 thousand square meters, every tree and bush, brick by brick, pour all my effort, then one after another in Chengdu, Guangzhou to build a new plant. In 2017, the annual capacity of AIKE cable exceeded 3 billion, and the franchised stores broke through 300. It has become a national professional production of mineral insulated cable R & D, service oriented enterprises.

By production of more than 13000 kinds of "large and full" products, the production enterprises should adjust to the specialized and exclusive enterprises that produce "specialized and precise" mineral insulated cables and six series of 512 products.

By transformation from production enterprises to research and development enterprises, after 2012, AIKE cable has been carrying out school enterprise cooperation with local universities, and has won academician workstations, provincial enterprise technology centers, national high-tech enterprises and other honors. The application for dozens of patent certificates, one of the invention patents.

The transformation, by business enterprise to service enterprises after 2012, we how to sell products to customers good service to solve customer problems, transformation, transformation from line to line, line with the line of business, realize the O2O model of logistics business online and offline, become a professional service provider.


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